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Risk profile of your investment


The investment in Fund's units is associated with moderate to high risk , as MF Prime Assets offers a diversified product structured mainly from shares and, to a lesser extent, from debt and money market instruments.


You should keep in mind that the value of the Mutual Fund units and their income may decrease, the profit is not guaranteed and the investors take the risk of not recovering the full amount of their investment. Investments in units of Prime Assets are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund or otherwise.


Profile of the typical investor

The investment product of Prime Assets is designed for individuals (citizens, companies, institutions) who:

(a) are willing to take a moderate to high investment risk in order to realize a higher return;

(b) wish to have a secure and rapid liquidity without disrupting the return on investment;

(c) are willing to invest cash in the long run;

(d) want to diversify the risk of their own portfolio;

(e) want their money to be managed by professionals in the financial markets.



We believe that Prime Assets are suitable for Bulgarian and foreign individuals, companies and institutions wishing to invest part of their funds in the financial markets in a diversified product structured mainly by shares, with a medium to high level of risk and opportunity to achieve higher returns.